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"My passion lies in helping people understand their unique neurotype to heal stress and trauma from the inside out! 

My greatest values include authenticity, connection, love and safety. I support people to create these experiences in their daily lives. I am a proud neurodivergent person and I celebrate neurodiversity"

- Steph

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My name is Steph!

My vision as an occupational therapist and holistic health practitioner is to provide care to my clients that is specific to their needs as individuals and as a family. I integrate my extensive occupational therapy knowledge, my lived experience of neurodivergence and parenting, and my expertise with alternative and traditional health care methods to create a truly holistic and tailored service for each and every one of my clients. 
Please see below for a full list of services and feel free to contact me to find out how I can best support you and your family. Click the link to the shop at the top of the page to go to the on-demand products and content. 

With love and curiosity,


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Support those in your life to heal and become more regulated.

This webinar invites you to explore a new way of viewing behaviour and teachers how we can respond and adapt our practices to better meet people's needs, reduce distress, increase collaboration, connection, autonomy and over all wellbeing!

This is perfect for therapists, parents, teachers, carers, and anyone working with children demonstrating challenging behaviour or those who have experienced trauma. 

Topics covered:

  • How do we support with people who are dysregulated?

  • How do we use a relationship-based approach?

  • How do we facilitate connection, attachment, and authenticity for healing?

What's included:

  •  50-minute webinar.

  • PDF with the slides from this presentation.

  • PDF of key take aways.

  • Available on demand for 12 months


LIMITED TIME ONLY use discount code CONNECTION for 30% OFF!

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I am available for speaking and training events both in person and online.
I specialize neurodivergent affirming practice, supporting people who experience pathological demand avoidance, trauma and mental health. I use a combination of my lived experience, clinical training and research experience to increase awareness of neurodivergent affirming supports and the neurodiversity movement.

Therapy session


I find this method of service delivery to be very popular and allows for long term, sustainable change and results! I specialise in supporting parents of neurodivergent children. Parent coaching is designed to give parents and carers the skills they need to assist their child to develop their skills using everyday routines. In parent coaching we can assist with all areas of development including behaviour management, emotional regulation and sensory regulation. Parent coaching also aims to take all families members needs into account and manage the families’ needs as a whole. This service is offered online.
In this modality I am able to conduct initial assessments and sensory assessments to support and advocate for the needs of your child across all environments.

Childhood Psychology


Are you a neurodivergent adult looking for an affirming practitioner to help you unmask and advocate for yourself? Are you wanting to discover your true self and how you can embrace all that you are? This is what I am passionate about after going on my own journey of unmasking and unlearning! I also offer some functional and sensory assessments. 

Young Teacher


I offer professional supervision to occupational therapists, new graduates, OTA’s and OT students, this has been a passion of mine and has been part of my career for the last 7 years. These sessions are offered online and are available Australia wide! 

Nursery Play


Occupational therapy can assist in building children’s capacity in all areas of life that they find meaningful! I specialise in supporting neurodivergent children using an affirming, gentle and trauma informed approach. Please note: I am not currently taking on new face to face clients at this time. Please consider online parent/teacher/carer support if you would like to work with me. 

Rock Balancing


I offer life coaching to people of all ages. I use skills from my experience in occupational therapy as well as my other healing modalities to help individuals reach their full potential! How can you change the way you’re living to allow you to reach the life you have dreamed of? Let me help you work it out! These sessions are typically delivered online. 


As a neurodivergent affirming and trauma informed occupational therapist, I am passionate about providing family centered care to ensure best outcomes for all those I work with. I have experience working with a range of children and adults, as well as their families, with many different presentations and support needs. As a neurodivergent person and mother of an autistic child, I am deeply committed to advocating for the voice of neurodivergent people and increasing awareness and support. I like to use the individuals’ interests and strengths in a neurodivergent affirming way to help them develop to their fullest potential. I am currently offering telehealth sessions and specialised occupation based parent coaching to assist parents to incorporate intervention into their daily routines. Occupation based coaching is a style of therapy that aims to build the self efficacy of the whole family and allow for intervention to be woven into daily life.

My Qualifications:
*Master of Advanced Occupational Therapy Practice
*Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Practice with Honours 
*Diploma of Quantum Energetics and Metaphysical Sciences *Reiki Master 

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